Opening Day!

We could not have had a better day at “The Bridal Event” at the Pelham Civic Center!  If working with Engaged from Homewood and goProEvents was a dream, then meeting brides was surely fun beyond our wildest dreams!

Everyone was in love with our booth and intrigued with the idea of church pews for their outdoor weddings.  Some of the comments we heard were:

“Pews would have been so much better than chairs at the last outdoor wedding we went to””I’ve been looking for church pews but didn’t know they were available for rent”; “I am in love with what I see, I want to rent a set right now!”

With our promotion of 20% off their total purchase when they booked before the end of March we drew a lot of attention. And even though we had a few brides with weddings more than a year away, they were so excited at the thought of church pews for their outdoor wedding.

It was such a joy to talk to brides and their mothers about the beautiful ceremonies we could help them create!

Check out our pictures in case you weren’t able to come!  Also, the 20% discount still applies to you brides and your weddings in and around Birmingham if you book your wedding with us by March 31st!


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