Why Pews for your outdoor ceremony?!

We have had some great feedback from clients and many other people why having church pews for outdoor weddings would be a much better alternative to chairs for those beautiful outdoor ceremonies!  Please add your comments below from your experience with those white chairs at outdoor wedding ceremonies!  We have included a few of the most common comments briefly but want you to add yours, and share your stories with us!

  • They are cheap, white folding chairs that you pay a bundle for
  • They are flimsy, rickety, and uncomfortable
  • They just aren’t very pretty
  • My clothes ripped because they got stuck between the edges of the folding chairs
  • Pews are such a wonderfully beautiful alternative to chairs because they have a great deal of history and are so unique

Please add your comments as to why church pews are a better alternative than chairs for outdoor wedding ceremonies.  You needn’t be a bride to comment as fathers, former brides, grooms, men, women, even those who haven’t been to an outdoor ceremony or seen one may share their stories!

We would love to hear what you have to say!

You can also find us on facebook, twitter, and our webpage: http://www.outdoorPEWS.com


2 thoughts on “Why Pews for your outdoor ceremony?!

  1. What a great business! I am so glad someone is offering this product and can’t wait to attend a wedding with beautiful pews instead of the same old plain white and uncomfortable foldable chairs!

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