After all, it is YOUR Big Day!

What is it about outdoor weddings that makes them so memorable?

Is it the warm, sometimes hot, sunshine?  Or is it the cool fall breeze coming off a shimmering lake under a colorful sunset? Or yet, the history of a family barn where couples have been married throughout several generations?

It is all of these and more!  The love of a family, the joy that springs from song birds and sparrows dancing through the midday air, and the love of two people that ripples through the veins of family and friends as the “I DO’s” break a warming silence.

And yet…your guests are distracted…

Drawn away by the banal, mundane, and certainly uncomfortable chairs.  Sometimes folding, sometimes chiavari, but always ordinary, always irritating.

Make a statement at your wedding with church pews!  They are not only unique, historical, and elegant, but they are also sturdy and comfortable.  Bring your guests’ attention ’round back to you…after all, it is YOUR Big Day!

You no longer have to settle for chairs at your outdoor wedding!  Contact us today; we would love to work with you and make your wedding a “purely elegant” day to remember!

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