The Newspaper STILL Works!

Last week the growth of our new business was covered by The Birmingham News on the front page of the business section. It. Was. Amazing. Stan Diel really captured what we are about and how much excitement we have going on these days. Renting church pews to brides really is very exciting!

There were many joys in reading an article on something about which you are passionate about. Not only did I wake up early in the AM like it was Christmas morning but I also got to surprise the World! Well, really just the city…and surrounding states. My father almost spit his early morning coffee all over his paper and my mother read and re-read the obituaries after hearing from him that she needed to look at the paper ASAP…naturally expecting the worst as any mother does!

Even a week and a half later I am still getting calls about how great the article was and what a great business I have. I am so thankful to The Birmingham News and to Kaiyuan Za Bao…..who apparently gets credit for inventing the newspaper ( ha!

Amongst the many, many lessons I am learning I can now add: The Newspaper Still Works!

Moral of this post: keep reading your newspapers!


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