Merely Vintage?

Vintage (def.): Characterized by excellence, maturity and enduring appeal; classic.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, back to a time when people worked with calloused hands, when town hall meetings were a prized affair, when family heirlooms weren’t an investment, when talk was expensive, and gas was cheap.

These are the days that seem as though they have been long forgotten, erased from our memories, removed from our bookshelves.  Sadly, many are lost forever, destroyed by selfish hearts, vain ambitions, and careless hands.

Yet there stands an opposing force seeking to save what might be lost: an affinity for everything vintage.  That classic look, feel, and taste is truly holding its “enduring appeal.” Those wonderful pieces of history aged by the sands of time have come to life with a new luster. They are capturing the hearts of not only the weathered veterans but the vivacious youth! This new-found love is deeply infectious, spreading across the country in a blazing wildfire, to be stopped by nothing, not even time.

But what is giving life to this old love?

Perhaps the lifebreath that’s reviving old armoires, glowing jukeboxes, silver brooches, Victorian couches, rustic diners, and abandoned cathedrals is the gaping hole within us that’s been left by the trivial pursuit of everything new. Perhaps our voyages to carve our way in the world have shown us that we can’t make it on our own, nor have we, because of the loving support of family for generations.

But perhaps it’s far simpler than that…that our muddied eyes have been wiped clean by the radiant beauty of history, elegance, and simplicity, and our calloused hearts have been softened by stories and memories told by those who once held them so dear.

They are here today to share these chronicles, live out the fullness of their years, and continue writing their own history with new milestones, new homes, new lovers, and new memories.

This is no fad…this is no trend…it is merely vintage – that which truly has “enduring appeal.” May your wedding, and your marriage, have that “enduring appeal” that will hold fast to the hearts of your onlookers: family, friends, and even bystanders.  Let vintage be your avenue, let excellence and elegance be your vehicle, and let history be your guide…..

Photographs Credited (in order of appearance): Bill Cunliffe;;;;


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