“Pew-Tinted Glasses”

If you’ve been lucky enough to see our business in action, or even just our blog, then you’ve seen some beautiful pews in even more beautiful settings. Our vintage church pews really do help couples make any wedding space … well … sacred. Ha, but really! They add a character and authentic beauty that somehow enhance a setting — I bet even a junkyard wedding would become more alluring. Today we’re actually going to put that notion to the test. Let’s look at ceremonies from across the country with pew-tinted glasses; for each image, stop and think about what could have been and ask yourself “where are the pews?!” Let your imagination and heart run wild, here!

Let’s begin by substituting these pews …

into these pictures …








How was that?

Will you look at ceremony settings differently now?!


Thanks for reading 🙂



E. rebecca@rentpews.com

W. http://www.rentPEWS.com

S. FB, T, WP


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