What We’ve Been Up To: an idyllic river wedding

Swan Lake Stables is one of those places that has hardly any listed presence because they simply don’t need it. Nestled in among grassy knolls overlooking the Cahaba River outside our hometown of Birmingham, AL, it is a beautifully peaceful setting that only hosts a few weddings each month. Lucky for Ivy and Josef, they were one of the few in October; lucky for us, we got to scope it all out while providing pews for their big day.

It was a wedding full of southern spunk. In fact, we’re hard-pressed to come up with a more perfect setting for our beloved pews. Traditional and yet quirky, not one thing was too overstated, but not one detail was overlooked. How on earth did you manage that balance, Ivy?!

While you can’t tell one bit from these lovely photos, the wedding was actually almost called off! Nope, no relationship drama – rather, mother nature seemed ominous and rain was expected. Right as everybody started seriously turning to plan B, they decided to risk it … guess what? Not a single drop. A lesson learned to always have a backup plan, but to not jump the gun on using it.

W&E photography did a pretty amazing job at documenting what seemed to be breathtaking and uncapturable beauty, local favorite Buffy Hargett crafted unmatchable floral arrangements, and Neillie Butler at Mariée Ami was the glue that kept everybody together. Check out W&E’s full recap to get the riverside affair in all its glory. Ten points to Ivy for the cleverest wedding dress ever!


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