Q&A with Andy Donnan

We’re going to start a monthly feature of chatting with a wedding vendor – hope you enjoy! We’d love to hear your feedback, as well as who you want to pick the brain of in future months!

Let’s kick things off with Andy Donnan, an Atlanta-based wedding photographer of classic Southern brides. He photographed the wedding of Rebecca’s dear sister not too long ago, and then we hung out with him again this past weekend! Here’s what we learned:

A wedding is like a sporting event. Sort of.  Andy first started getting into photography in college, where he started with athletic photography while also helping a friend of a friend’s wedding photography business. “Shooting sports teaches you to anticipate the moment and look for the peak of the moment, which I think really helps with weddings.” Maybe that’s how you should convince your fiance to splurge a little during the wedding planning process, eh? This is sort of like the Super Bowl of our relationship, honey! 

The ceremony is the meat of the wedding sandwich (bread = getting ready beforehand and the reception afterwards)… Indeed, it’s Andy’s favorite part of the day to shoot: “There is so much going on that is super important to capture, but also be discreet. It’s also my favorite part because I know what it’s like to be standing at the alter, watching your bride come down the aisle.” There is no least favorite part of a wedding, of course, but he does think a lot of the hair/makeup part of the day “could be left out of the pictures.” Andy’s really great at producing timeless wedding albums, and who wants to be forever remembered with wet hair in a towel on the morning of your big day?! His second favorite thing to photograph?

… and those moments right after the recessional are the oil/vinegar/salt/pepper. “The most underrated moment I love to photograph is right after the recessional. The expressions on the couple’s faces is when they’re at their happiest.”

Outdoor weddings allow for more creativity (ahem, like renting pews). “I like shooting outdoor weddings because it’s a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone. Plus, clients can get a lot more creative with their vision and decor.”

Always have a change of clothes. Once, Andy split his pants right before a wedding ceremony … and he was wearing red boxers. Woops. Luckily, he had time to go buy a new pair of pants and get back in time for the reception; “That’s what I get for trying to crawl through a stone window opening.”

Rome, GA Joy & Matthew wedding

one of Andy’s favorite iconic photos, taken in 2009. “It sums up the love and joy my clients share together.”

Tehe! In case you’re wondering, Andy’s favorite thing to shoot outside of weddings and portraits is cars (“I’m pretty obsessed”) and his favorite pew of ours is the New York, because of its end detail work (“It looks so classy”).

Be sure to check out Andy’s website, and stay tuned for a few of his images from our time at Vinewood last weekend.


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