Pick of the Month: wedding cardigans

Wildly popular lifestyle blogger Joanna recently mused about whether wedding-day sweaters are a do or a don’t. Our opinion: a total DO (“i do!” – it was too easy to pass up). ‘Tis the season for cardigans, and incorporating one into your big day attire makes an outdoor wedding feasible no matter the month.

We love how those beautiful brides rocked their own sweater style, but the choice to bundle up need not be eccentric. Check out this preppier take:

This gal roped her soon-to-be-husband into the winter layers, too:

And look at how this bride’s blazer served double-duty: 1) warmth 2) turning a princess skirt into a wedding dress:

Mmmhmm! Time to curl up by a fire and pick out your perfect cardigan now, eh? While we picked mostly neutrals to show you, pops of color are all the rage, too. Maybe set aside a ruby red number for your reception and get the best of both worlds.


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