What We’ve Been Up To: i and love and you

Marriage is teamwork, right? Well, so is a wedding, and Ashley and Chris epitomized what a fun team effort it can be at their April soiree. We knooooow, this is a cop-out of a “what we’ve been up to” post, but we never gave this wedding the full recap it deserved!

Lake Martin, Alabama in the Southern springtime doesn’t need a lot of gussyin’ up. But, if you were gonna gussy, here’s a great way to do it:

Ashley and Chris transformed a wooded lakeside plot into a true sanctuary, in every sense of the word. It seemed so right to be surrounded by the lushness of God’s creation. The couple worked together to lay down the pathway, build their altar stage, and hang windows and flowers from the trees.

Oh, yeah, and they were engaged for less than six months. No big deal.

The couple picked a theme for their day: “I and love and you.” (Yes, like the Avett Brothers song, but no, not like the Avett Brothers song – they describe it best.) To say it was a wedding full of infectious love is selling it short; it was full of passionate, no-holding-back emotion.

In March 2010, Ashley tragically lost both parents in an entirely unexpected plane accident. In honor of them, her Dad’s best friend flew a plane over the wedding; then, heels, dress, and all, Ashley climbed on up on the wing of the plane! That’s just one example of the couple’s ability to embrace and savor every single last moment of their union: from a tearful moment with her two brothers right before walking down the aisle to beautifully uplifting scripture and soulful classic hymns.

It was honestly one of the most amazing weddings we’ve ever been to. Go ahead and take a few minutes to check out all of Clark Brewer Photography’s photos.


It’s always a privilege to work with our clients, but when our pews are a part of something truly heartwarming like Ashley & Chris’s day, it gives us a little boost. A little happy dance, you know?


Clark Brewer PhotographyMariée Ami Wedding Planning. The couple’s personal site.


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