Bright Idea: the altar

If you can shake up your seating, you can shake up the altar, too! We love the notion of couples showing their personality through an altar. Behold:

the ultimate in glamour-outdoor fusion. We love the simple wooden structure’s height and stature, which makes it so dramatic and awe-inspiring! For a simpler take on a delicate, natural altar, try fresh flowers that compliment the bride’s bouquet:

from Ruffled

from Ruffled

Or, go understated boho with your vibe and let a few flowers (see that purple?) make the statement:

from Ruffled

from Ruffled

We especially love the classically Southern aesthetic of this waterside altar:

To take it a bit more au naturel, check out this awesome wooded canopy. Swooooon.

Or, you know what? Who needs an altar after all. Let your scenery create the altar for you:

So fun! One more element to think about as you craft an outdoor wedding. Which direction would you take your altar? At this moment in time, we’re still dreaming about Erin & James’ altar (they made it together) – we’d have guests write notes and thoughts from the wedding day and stick them in the bottles for us to read later.

We leave you with this, just because it is whimsically lovely:




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