Take Five: Bouquets

There are five weeks in January which has inspired a little “take five-” themed post. Since this is possibly the most blah time of year (are we alone in this sentiment?!), let’s think about bouquets! Flowers can be magical medicine for the soul. One of us here at PEWS may or may not have a small fund dedicated to splurging on fresh flowers occasionally, to promote her belief that the combination of them, a good candle, and a glass of wine can solve many, many serious problems.

Anyway. Since each of our five pew styles has a personality of its own, we picked a few arrangements to suit them …

For the white washed: 

This wheat bouquet has the same simple, rustic charm.

For the colonial:

A collection of rose petals becomes a giant rose, which is just so perfect for the elegant and yet not quite polished glamour of the colonial.

For the golden oak: 

A unique and unexpected floral combination would be perfect with a warm, classic golden oak backdrop.

For the New York: 

This bouquet feels simultaneously luxurious and natural, which is quite like the New York.

Last but not least, for the Mobile: 

Spunky and bright with a classically feminine undertone is exactly how to characterize all things Mobile, AL.

Especially after that last bouquet, with all of its warm colors – we feel a little bit better already! What’s your favorite combination? Or would you go a completely different direction? Check out our Pinterest board of inspiration and let us know what you think.



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