Pick of the Month: Theater Reception

We’ve been dreaming about receptions for a while now, and this month the dream became a reality!

And was it ever a reality, y’all. Alabamians, have you been to the Avon Theater? You have got to check this place out. It’s a dream of a venue, with perfectly antique brick walls and exposed ceiling beams. You know how some places just have a soul? That’s the Avon.

Nashville-based Alice Hendry chose the New York pews, and their classic style was perfect against the simultaneously industrial and cozy theater.

We also loved the white wall drapery. It definitely took the setting from “this is so cool and rustic and awesome” to “whoa. this is a polished evening.”

And the best part of all? The pews were FULL all night! Not that we had any doubts … buuuut we maybe had doubts. Vintage pews are so great to look at and we know they work in weddings, but would they really truly be functional at mingle-worthy events?


See all of the photos on our Facebook page!


One thought on “Pick of the Month: Theater Reception

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