What We’ve Been Up To: wearing many hats

Even though winter weddings are totally feasible, we don’t have one all boxed up and ready to tell you about just yet. So, we’ve been wearing our other small business hats. You know, thinkin’ and networkin’ and dreamin’ of less cold and dreary soirees.

And speaking of hats (heh? eh? work with us here) … one of the lovely folks we’ve recently met is Cory of Four Hats Press. She makes beautiful invitations and other paper goods on an old-fashioned letterpress.

Her stationary and prints are witty, tongue-in-cheek, and wonderfully classic, but her wedding invitations are nothing short of gorgeous.

The photos really don’t do them justice – and these are beautiful photos! Four Hats Press produces the sort of thing you just need to hold in your hands and relish.


If you’re looking for wedding invitations that are clearly made with love and the sort of attention to detail which only results from passion, here you have it.

In these winter doldrum days of the year, what else is there to do but fantasize over stationary? Can we get a hear hear? And, we’ve got to show you just one non-wedding-related Four Hats product:

all photos from Four Hats Press

Clever and classic, right?! Check out Four Hats via Etsy, Tumblr, or Facebook! And of course, keep checking us out on social media, too. We’ve been pinning and posting up a storm (again, winter doldrums –> fantasizing –> posting photos online as a way to escape…).


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