Would You Propose on Valentine’s Day?

One week later, we’ve been hearing and seeing the aftermath of Valentine’s Day. Did you get engaged? Do you know somebody who did? Perhaps most importantly, how do you feel about v-day proposals?

We’ll remain silent on this subject (if we know nothing else, we know that weddings are all about whatever floats your boat – and we’re just here to provide the boat), but we’re dying to know what you think. Check out some of these proposals and photos … they’re not quite as “box of chocolates”-typical-Valentine’s-Day as you might think.

Like this one. The only way we know it’s Valentine’s Day is because they said so. Really, it was about the surprise! And, admit it – what girl doesn’t secretly deep down sort of hope for the most romantic question ever to happen on the most romantic holiday ever? (The difference is that in some girls, it’s like one tiny cell that sort of thinks that. In some girls, it’s every part of their being. And everything in between. Right?)

Okay, this one is way more holiday-inspired, but c’mon. So. sweet. The blanket picture! They  have a lifetime of that ahead of them!

This sweet couple didn’t actually get engaged on Valentine’s Day, they just had their engagement shoot then. How do you feel about that? Could be a good halfway point: you get your own private and personal engagement story, but still do something super romantic on the holiday.

(ps – Spanish moss. And we swoon.)

Okay, so, your turn. Comment or share a photo or two on our Facebook with your thoughts – did these photos make your heart swell, or did you roll your eyes a little bit? What’s your engagement story, or what do you hope it will be?

You know what we love? How blessed we are to be renting church pews to y’all. We celebrated our one year birthday this week and couldn’t be more thankful. xoxo (promise the “xoxo”s are only applying to love-related blogs…)


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