Pick of the Month: us!

Have you heard? Antique and vintage wedding elements are cool, y’all. I mean, we could have told you that, but every parent thinks their own child hung the moon, right? It’s nice when you actually bring home straight A’s.


We were recently perusing the blog of the Tennessee duo WED and look what we found! A feature in Click Magazine discussing 2013’s hottest wedding trends. First up? A quote from WED citing this year’s trendiest design as “antique and vintage.” As in, using antiques in your wedding is cool. As in, vintage wedding pews. As in, we’re cool, we’re cool! [busting a little happy dance move. blushing. composing ourselves.]

Here is the full issue, with WED’s input on page 73. Also mentioned as so very 2013? Catering by food trucks (yum) and super social media-savvy brides. #yesplease


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