What We’ve Been Up To: Snapshots

Man oh man has life been interesting around here lately! The kind of interesting that has left us invigorated but slap-happy. We always love getting a glimpse into vendors’ day-to-day lives, so we thought maybeeeee you might feel the same way. Because it’s a lot more than smackin’ some pews down in a field and calling it a day, people! Here’s what February brought us:

Venue scoping! This is a definite perk of the job – visiting beautiful potential venues with brides to strategize the pew plan.

mississippi venue

venue scoping


Look, we are no photographers. And these photos are frame-able. Gah, we live in a beautiful world.

venue hunting

We also got some new pews! We love finding old guys with a solid structure and unmistakable story to tell …

pews with a story

And then we work some magic on fixin’ ’em up. recovering

All pretty and repainted!photo 5

A little glimpse into the pews’ humble abode:


Alas, it’s not all fun and games. Sometimes there’s a little bit of drama if the pews don’t fit in our truck just so or something like that. Here we are finagling an unloading situation on a cold winter’s night:

truck dramaSo, there ya have it. We’ve been on. the. road. a lot lately, can you tell? But so much goodness!

What have y’all been up to lately? It’s March! That’s code for almost-spring!


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