What We’ve Been Up To: Snapshots

Man oh man has life been interesting around here lately! The kind of interesting that has left us invigorated but slap-happy. We always love getting a glimpse into vendors’ day-to-day lives, so we thought maybeeeee you might feel the same way. Because it’s a lot more than smackin’ some pews down in a field and calling it a day, people! Here’s what February brought us:

Venue scoping! This is a definite perk of the job – visiting beautiful potential venues with brides to strategize the pew plan.

mississippi venue

venue scoping


Look, we are no photographers. And these photos are frame-able. Gah, we live in a beautiful world.

venue hunting

We also got some new pews! We love finding old guys with a solid structure and unmistakable story to tell …

pews with a story

And then we work some magic on fixin’ ’em up. recovering

All pretty and repainted!photo 5

A little glimpse into the pews’ humble abode:


Alas, it’s not all fun and games. Sometimes there’s a little bit of drama if the pews don’t fit in our truck just so or something like that. Here we are finagling an unloading situation on a cold winter’s night:

truck dramaSo, there ya have it. We’ve been on. the. road. a lot lately, can you tell? But so much goodness!

What have y’all been up to lately? It’s March! That’s code for almost-spring!


The World’s First Pew Decorating Competition

25 Brave wedding vendors made history this past Wednesday by pushing the limits of what a pew end decoration could become. P.E.W.S. is proud to display and promote all of their creative talent. Please look, enjoy, and then go HERE to vote and share on Facebook! Your vote will determine the Champions!

More photos can be found HERE

Thank you to Say Bre Photography for the photos.

Thank you to Carroll Productions for this amazing Video.